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Land of the Dead

Zombies, man... creep me out.

George A. Romero's Land of the Dead
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Welcome to a new LiveJournal community for George A. Romero's upcoming Land of the Dead, the fourth installment in his legendary Dead series. We encourage the posting of Dead discussion, icons, photos, rants, raves, and anything else related to Land of the Dead. There aren't any real rules except to behave courteously toward other users and to please, for the love of God, use the lj-cut function if you're posting spoilers of any sort (or large pictures, for that matter). Also, unrelated community promotions and links will be deleted at the moderator's discretion. Please don't advertise rating communities or anything like that.

New! Give and get your Zombie Army Bones right here! Please read this post before posting links to the Zombie Army.

Here are some questions about LOTD that are being asked around the web lately:

Q: What is Land of the Dead's US release date?

A: June 24th, 2005. Less than eleven days to go!

Q: Where can I find the trailer?

A: On the official site or at Yahoo! movies.

Q: What is the music used in the trailer?

A: It is from the Resident Evil movie.

Q: OMG tha movie iz ripping off 28 Dayz Later and Dawn of the Dead w/Sarah Polley!!!11

A: Choke on 'em.

(Other answers to frequently asked questions are available at the IMDB LOTD FAQ - must-read material.)

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